K L Hair Academy

Our Collection of great minds, art and skill,

has trained, motivated and inspired many hundreds of students over many years,

and we have educated, serviced and retailed to many hairdressers for their scissor kits and equipment.

Here are some of their reviews.




Loved the course, it was amazing, learnt more than i expected to. Definatly will recommend.

I wouldnt change a thing it is perfect.



It was really good i learnt some new techniques that i acn take back and use.



I thoroughly enjoyed today I perfected my overcomb and learnt about cuttinbg around crowns and so much more.

It was great to have a course dedicated to mens cutting. I learnt alot. David was great to learn new techniques.



Loved the crocs, Awesome atmosphere, Definately coming back.

Todays training was great. I ve learnt so much more than I did before. I loved the Barracuda scissors.


The mens cutting course today was brillian. It gave me a new insight on different techniques. David was s great educator and helped me with my cutting techniques and stance. And I used my new full serrated scissors, they are amazing I LOVE THEM. I cant wait to come back and do more cutting courses:)

Kayla-Lee Bridge


I have thoroughly enjoyed two courses at your academy and look forward to further educational seminar/ days in your facility. I loved the relaxed and casual atmosphere and found the days to be very beneficial in my career path. I want to express my gratitude and can not wait to see what the year 2013 holds. I'm very excited :)

Philippa Colelough


Om Shalom Hair & Make up are a team dedicated to nurturing staff and their development. Intensive, thorough, creative training programs from apprentice to senior team levels are a testament to the team’s growth. Kaylene Lewis Hair Academy helps Rebecca and Michelle to achieve this by providing training needs as well as tools and advice. All of our team use and love excellent edges tools and love the support KLHA gives us.

Michelle & Rebecca


I have heard alot about Kaylene Lewis Hair Acadamy through the last year or so. I first heard of Kaylene through a work collegue who has had alot to do with the acadamy.
I was in need of some new scissors when they reccomended to purchase my Scissors from there.
Recently purchased some Excellent Edges everyday cutters and not only are they fantastic but Kaylene went out of her way when I picked them up to spend some time with me playing and becoming confident in using them, techniques and also helped me work out what I needed in my scissor collection. I felt as though Kaylene was trying to help me with scissors that would suit me, not just trying to sell me just another pair, but taking the time to talk to me about them and what they can do for me, not only helping with that but also talking to me about training courses and what would suit my level of skill. I would be more than happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking for confidence in their hairdressing careers. I cant wait to learn more about this fantastic industry from a knowledgable women on every aspect of hairdressing.

Eleanor Mc Kittrich


THANK YOU  over the years for all your knowledge and training you have passed onto me.

It made me especially happy with myself on Tuesday when I had a client who was freaking out about a haircut after a year . Very long and thick...

I was able to use many texturizing techniques I have learnt from you and was able to explain with confidence. I think it was 8 years ago I met you and have really appreciated everthing you do.