K L Hair Academy

Educators Profile

Our educators have an abundance of knowledge and experiences and are all hairdressers with fabulous stories to tell...

and wonderful skills to pass on.

Kaylene Lewis

Personalized Personal Coaching Sessions, Junior Stylist Cutting Program, Left and Right Handed Cutting Presentation

37years hairdressing. I would love for each hairdresser to THINK DIFFERENT knowing that when approaching their work there are many ways in achieving different results therfore bridgeing the gap of competency to creativity easily and confidently.


Cassie  Weeler

Celebrity Glamour Styling  & Techniques to Blowdrying 

16 years hairdressing Cassie's world experience is the driving force to her passion and dedication to education. Cassie has always put herself out there to soak up knowledge like a sponge and then to share it. Education = success and keeps us current and inspired.


Trudi-Anne Carmody

Classic Hair up Styling

36 hairdressing Trudi-Anne loves how the knowledge that she gained in  the many competions she has entered is still being used today in keeping long hair styling fresh and exciting.


Wendy McCormack

Left and Right Handed Cutting Presentation

34 years hairdressing. Wendys sharing of knowledge and great passion to her business, juniors and fellow hairdressers is infectious every left handed hairdressers needs to meet her.


David Melrose

Specialist Men’s Cutting

28 years hairdressing David has been exposed to many facets of creative hairdressing and is very passionate and giving in his knowledge with a fun twist thrown in.


Pete Walstab

Excellent Edges 360* Cutting Course

Pete has been  the General Manager of Excellent Edges for 6 years, a hairdresser for over 20 years and a passionate educator for the company he loves.

His life & work motto is: When you are green you grow and when you are ripe you rot!